file-permition samba vrs novell !

don_mccall at don_mccall at
Mon Dec 13 12:03:27 GMT 1999

Hi Tom,
Looks like what is happening is that by setting up rwxrw---- permissions on pps 
directory, (which gives root the ability to cd into this directory but NO ONE 
ELSE - that is the result of removing the 'x' bit from group and other) you 
have inhibited SAMBA from cd'ing INTO this directory in order to access the 
file 'fileb'.  You would be able to 'see' the file in a directory listing, 
because you have 'read' access to the directory as a member of group ppsuser, 
but you wouldn't actually be able to cd INTO the directory as member of the 
group ppsuser because group ppsuser does not have 'x' right.
Make sense?

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