bind failed on port 137

don_mccall at don_mccall at
Mon Dec 13 11:51:10 GMT 1999

Hi Aaron,
Having a port in /etc/services is not enough to get it to show up in netstat 
-an; a process would have had to created and attached to this port at some 
time.  HP does sell a product (and there is a 4user 'try and buy' version that 
you can get free from the web, so someone may have tried it out on your system) 
called AS/U that has a netbios daemon that would create and attach to port 137; 
Look in the ps -ef listing of your system to see if there is anything called 
/opt/lmu/netbios/bin/netdemon.  If YES,
then as root execute the command /opt/lmu/netbios/bin/nbutil -N stop.  That 
will stop the daemon and release the port.
You also might want to check the ps -ef listing for any lmx processes (ps 
-ef|grep -i lmx) and see if an older product like lmx or lmu are out there; 
they also create and attach to port 137.
Finally, if you send me the output of your swlist command, I can check to see 
if any of these products are installed (maybe add the output of the ps -ef 
command as well, so I can check for any active processes that I know use this 
port).  If none are, then the best bet is that one of the initial startups of 
nmbd has gone wrong, and never detached from this port...

Let me know,

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