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Andrew A. Razdolsky rand at
Thu Dec 9 16:19:26 GMT 1999


I have the following topology of
my LAN:

  --------     eth1  -----------------------
 | A Win95|---------|Samba WINS Server 2.0.6|
  --------           -----------------------
                        | eth2
                      | B Win95 |

 Two Win95 host in the same work group
 Samba Server in different. Win95 boxes
 use Samba Server as WINS server.
 In such situation host A never sees 
 host B in "Network Neighbourhood" because
 neither host A nor host B becomes DMB, only LMB.

 Is there any solution for this problem without 
 rediretion of broadcast traffic between segments
 of LAN on Server?

 Thank you for any answers!

   - Best Regards,
	  Network Operation Center
	  Andrew A. Razdolsky

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