PCs cannot view shares or connect

Daniel Phang rox at tidalwave.net
Thu Dec 9 16:01:16 GMT 1999

Hi, I just installed Samba on Red Hat 6.0 and it worked fine before on a small network of 5 computers but when I brought it into a different place with about 30 computers or so, and changed the IP and workgroup, the PCs cannot connect to the samba server.  Network Neighborhood sees the computer, but when I click on it, Windows takes a while to get to it and then finally gives me the error message saying something like cannot connect/computer does not exist.  On the samba server, I did a smbclient -L and it gave me a list of shares on the server and said it was the master browser of the workgroup PCZONE.  Also, the samba server cannot see the other computers on the network. What could I do to possibly diagnose this/fix it? Thanks in advance for your help.

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