corrupted files samba -> NT4 Workstation

Hans-Peter Raschke Hans-Peter.Raschke at
Wed Dec 8 19:51:02 GMT 1999


we are using samba 2.0.6 (just updated from 2.0.5a) on a linux-server
smp-machine with 2 PIII-Processors. When copying big files (TIFF-images
approx. 50 MB each) from the server to an NT4 workstation the files get partly
corrupted (the values of the Bytes differ).

The corrupted part has a length of 1 KByte and starts on a 1 KByte boundary.
When the copy process is repeated some time (> 5 minutes) afterwards then the
copy process can succeed. But sometimes there is another corruption at another

The original data is copied from an NT4 workstation and seems to be OK.

The environment used is:
SuSE 6.2 linux (2.2.10)
samba 2.0.6 from a rpm binary distributed from SuSE
linux server smp 2 PIII-processors 450 MHz, 256 MB RAM
raid-array 145 GB
100 MBit Ethernet
10 NT4 workstations SP4

For now i will go and write some scripts for hunting the error. But it would be
nice if there is somebody with some hints.

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