Problem delivering files

Hubertus Krogmann hubi at
Wed Dec 8 20:08:41 GMT 1999

Hello samba people

I do not know if it is a bug, but a problem indeed:

we have a Sun running solaris 2.7 samba 2.0.6)
and NT clients AND a HSM Filesystem called samfs.
This keeps data on tapes, and 16kB on disk. A client
 request a file can leed into grabbing a tape and bring
 back the data online to disk.
1) NFS Client waits for data until it's coming, even 1 day
2) (NT)/smbclient gets 16k which are allready online
   then get 3 times 

receive_smb: length < 0!
client_receive_smb failed  

   then stoping communication and 

Error code 0 closing remote file
(0.265384 kb/s) (average 0.265384 kb/s)
smb: \hubi\>                             

So, what's happening here ? 
IMHO, smbd makes a open(file_A), read(file_A) gets 16k and
 send them to the client, then it is waiting for the next bytes
 and ...

... I would suggest is: sending 0bytes to the client for what reason

But you will know better, and having a solution (I hope)

Thanx in advance
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