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On 1999-12-06 19:42:22 +1100, Michael Szengel wrote:
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> ..
> > Is there a way to tell SAMBA to assign files being written to the
> > group of the subdirectory the file is being written to? Is there a
> > better way altgother to approach this (I hope there is =).
> Although it is quite difficult to emulate the behavior of a Novell
> server under a Linux system, the problem above should be solved
> by setting the SGID-Bit on the directories (chmod g+s <dirname>).
> Starting from then, all ne created files will get the group ownership
> of the directory

On Linux you can also get this behaviour on all directories by mounting
the file system with the "bsdgroups" option. No need to set setgid bits
on a gazillion of directories.

> (NOT the rights ! you will have to set them in the nessecary
> way seperatly).

You could get this behaviour by setting a default ACL on the directory.
Unfortunately none of the ACL implementations for Linux are
"production-ready" yet (AFAIK), so this is only useful for people
running Solaris or IRIX.


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