Limiting browing when Samba on a gateway

JF Martinez jfm2 at
Mon Aug 30 19:43:03 GMT 1999

> Hello JF
> Can you figure out which "outside" service your
> samba-gateway-multipurpose-machine is trying to connect to via the modem? It
> might be that samba is unable to resolve the clients' netbios names and
> tries to figure them out over DNS queries.
> In that case set samba to act as WINS server or (if you have another WINS
> Server in your domain) to resolve names at another server.

Samba is domain browser.  We will be trying to unactivate this.
Initially it also was a Wins browser but we were seeing foreign
machines who probably belonged to the ISP.  So we unactivated Wins.

> Disabling netbios-ssn and netbios-ns calls on the outgoing interface would
> help as well (brute force, that is).
> Hope it helps a little.

Thank you

			Jean Francois Martinez

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