Saving Problems under NT4 SP3 in Linux LAN

Andreas Vester vester at
Mon Aug 23 19:56:29 GMT 1999

Hi everybody!

I've got two computers at home. One with SuSE Linux 6.1 and the other with Win NT SP3. I built a LAN with Sambe and the Linux box should be the file server. Principially there are no problems with Samba. Under NT I've got write access to the user's home directory, but... 
For example I can create word document in the user's home directory on the
NT machine by clicking the right mouse button. That shows that I've got
write access. But if I edit the file I can't save it. It appears an error
message: 'There's not enough memory or the harddisk is full' But that's
impossible. First the NT machine has got 96 MB RAM and there's also space on
the Linux Harddisk.
If I try to create a folder the errer message 'Harddisk is full' appears.

What's going on ???

See you later

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