Jet Direct Printers and Plotters

Markus Welters markus at
Sun Aug 22 17:49:50 GMT 1999

At 13:27 22.08.99 , Florian v. Behr wrote:
>We have a HP Design Jet 650C Plotter which is hooked to the net via a
>jetdirect nic. Now I dont have a clue on how to use this plotter over
>the net. It doesent show up in the network neighborhood and I cant find
>anything about jetdirect plotters in the Linux documentation or the
>inet. The server is running Suse Linux 6.2 and Samba 2.05a.

set up a normal /etc/printcap entry and point it to the JetDirect IP, then 
share it with Samba

>Florian v. Behr

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