breca x0ccran at
Sun Aug 22 17:22:55 GMT 1999

i've set samba up on a redhat linux machine on my personal network with
an IP-Address of
there are two win98 client machines on my network with the addresses and the two machines have the exact same
tcp/ip configurations. i can log onto the samba server from the first
98box, but not the second. i can logon with any user name from the first
98box, but i can't log on with any user names from the second 98box. if
i switch the ip addresses i still can't logon from the second box and i
can logon from the first. teh smb.conf file has a hosts allow entry that
allows all host on the 192.168.32. subnet to logon to the box.
all the machines can see one another, but i can't logon with the second

any ideas what else could be wrong?


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