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Johann Zuschlag jozuschlag at
Sat Aug 21 07:57:19 GMT 1999

On Fri, 20 Aug 1999 01:35:15 +1000, Patrick Joeckel wrote:

>I recently set up the Samba Server Version 2.0.5a on a SuSE-Linux 6.0 PC
>(Kernel 2.0.36).
>Whenever I try to reach the shares on this machine from Windows 95 or
>Windows NT machines (with different user-names) in our Network, 
>by double-clicking on the servername in the 'networkneighbourhood', 
>I am asked for the IPC$ - password (on 95) or for username and password
>(on NT), before beeing able to see the shares.
>Here is my smb.conf :
>        workgroup = MPCH-PC
>        server string = Samba 2.0.5a on Linux 2.0.36
>        interfaces =
>        security = share
>        encrypt passwords = No
>        keepalive = 30
>        socket options = TCP_NODELAY
>        os level = 2
>        guest ok = Yes

The missing option is:

guest account = nobody

Samba needs that for browsing. Of course your Linux should have that account, which is standard.

It's not a password problem, if you are using the old WIN95.
It can be an additional problem for WIN95 OSR2, WIN98 and NT requiring encrypted passwords.
Then set encrypt passwords = yes and produce the appropriate Samba password file.


Johann Zuschlag
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