Automatic printer driver installation for NT4.0/NT2000 clients?

Tristan_Ball Tristan.Ball at
Fri Aug 20 00:54:34 GMT 1999

I'm reasonably sure there is some code for this in cvs, but it's certainly 
not ready for prime time.

NT's native network printing actually works quite differently to 95's, so 
it'll probably be a while.

A pain isn't it :-)

>Dear All,
>I've seen the PRINTER_DRIVER.txt doc on getting the PRINTER$ share set up to
>automatically add printer drivers to Win95 clients.  It explicitly says that
>the procedure described does not work for NT4.0 clients.
>I can't find any other documentation on setting up a PRINTER$ share suitable
>for NT4.0 or NT2000 clients either in the distribution (2.0.5a) or the web
>Is this possible at the moment (2.0.5a)?  If so how?  If not when will it be
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