samba documentation

Larry Collier larry at
Thu Aug 19 20:09:28 GMT 1999


Being new to SAMBA myself, I've looked all over for plainly written docs.
The best I've found is SAMS' "Learning SAMBA in 24 Hours" written by a
couple of the SAMBA team members (whose names I can't remember right now --
I'd like to give them credit).  The MAN pages are reference works for those
who know how but can't remember.  The HOWTOs, and most of the books out
there, assume you know everything else except what's in the howto - of
course when I need a howto, I usually know next to nothing.

The book is superb for clearly explaining your options to someone who's
never done it before.  If this level of documentation was available for the
rest of Linux,  MS Windows would be dead.

Hope it helps,

Larry Collier

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