Info: Samba over SSH

Rob Ginn rob at
Wed Aug 18 23:17:03 GMT 1999

Hi all,
thought I'd pass on some info.  With some local help,
we've isolated the problem (unable to mount
Samba partitions over SSH) down to the Win9x SSH client
itself, or rather, an interaction between the SSH clients
and Win9x.

Samba requires _only_ TCP port 139 to mount and
access files, so that's the only port you need to
forward.  I should also mention that you need to
put the IP number of the destination machine
(at the other end of the SSH link) in the 
C:\windows\lmhosts file because Win9x doesn't
understand IP #'s in the "map network drive"
command.  Depending on the SSH client, you can
usually use, but one of them (I forget
which) requires the ethernet interface IP instead.
Obviously, if Samba is not running on the same
machine as you tunnelled into with SSH, you
need the real IP address (not the
Things work fine from NT version 4.0 across the
the SSH link, but I get the weird symptoms I
mentioned in an earlier post from both Win95 and
Win98 in the GUI.  Weird symptoms mentioned by
other folks vary depending on the specifics
of which SSH client they used under Win9x.

This points rather strongly at Microsoft as the
source of the problem -- but since Win9x source
is not available, I'm going to hope that the
problem is in the TCP/IP stack and see if I can
get a replacement -- any suggestions?  Ideally
one which can act as a firewall on the Win9x
machine and comes with source, but I doubt such
is available now.

I'll also pass on the problem to the Secure-CRT
folks (note that F-Secure has the same problem, as
does ttssh) to see if they can work around the
MS bug.

- Rob Ginn
rob at

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