Shankar N shankarn at
Mon Aug 16 15:44:39 GMT 1999

Hi all,
         This is one of ur Samba Fans , although I have not mailed to
talk bout Pizzas , I have something pressing me,please read on :

   I have two Domains - TIDOMAIN which is the Network server (NT) which
also is the Mail server , the Clients in the network make TIDOMAIN as
their Primary wins server ,OK,  I have installed Samba in the Solaris
Box and have made it Point to this domain and have allowed particular
hosts in the TIDOMAIN to connect to the Solaris via samba.E'thing till
now works fine and I have got the Solaris box on the network and have
mapped some of its directories.

Now I have another Domain named APDOM which is a NT backoffice server
and exists as a seperate server in the Network Neighborhood (but in the
same subnetmask as TIDOMAIN), I can see the Solaris Box in the N'hood
but I get a network name not found when clicked on it, this is basically
b'cos this machine is in a different domain altogether.My Q is  how can
I get Samba to assist in waking up this APDOM.

Thanks a lott in advance ,


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