Solaris 7 5/99 and samba-2.0.5a (PR#19508)

Juan Carlos Castro y Castro jcastro at
Fri Aug 6 20:42:58 GMT 1999

Jeremy Allison wrote:

> bob at wrote:
> >
> > this samba was built on a solaris 2.5 system and was running fine on a
> > solaris 7 3/99 system.  when i installed the solaris 7 5/99 maintenance
> > update something broke.
> Try this fix (it causes Samba to do a lookup on root
> and check the correct gid_t rather than just assuming 0).

I'm rather amused by this. I thought the presence of a gid 0 which root is a member
of could always be assumed, no matter what the Unix flavor is.
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