SAMBA digest 2071

Sigmund Skjelnes sskjelln at
Thu Apr 29 21:56:53 GMT 1999

Hi, folks!
To turn off the NT banner page, go to printer properties folder <<general>>
and click the button <<banner>>/<<separator page>> or whatever, and remove
what is in the textbox. Did'nt care to test this, I had to log on as
administrator, hope it works anyway. 

BTW, I have an OKI Okipage laser printer, which is intended to run on
Windows only, it's connected to an NT 4.0 workstation pc. In addition I has
an Linux box on a network with the NT. I installed some <<TCP/IP printer
server>> on the NT, network/services, installed lpd on the Linux box,
configured it as remote printer, and lpd printed on the laser! The reason
is that TCP/IP printer server uses windows drivers, shared on SMB (read
Netbios) does not.. I'd has to adjust the margins however, it cuts some

Don't drink and compute! Well it isn't risky at all, but the result is
often funny...  :)

>Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 14:41:40 +0100
>From: HARTNUJ at
>To: samba at
>Subject: Suppressing headers, printing via NT
>Message-ID: <80256761.004B5B6D.00 at>
>I've just set up lpd to print to a postscript printer attached to an NT
>server, using the Redhat 5.2 version of the smbprint command. Eventually
>I'd like this machine to be the department's standard lpr->SMB gateway.
>It works perfectly, except that since smbclient always logs onto the NT
>server with the same ID, no matter who prints the job, the same
>NT-generated banner page gets printed.
>The NT guys here assure me that "suppress cover sheet" or whatever, is
>something that's set on the client.
>How can I prevent NT from printing its banner, so I can let lpd do it (and
>therefore get the username right)?

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