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Mon Apr 26 19:36:49 GMT 1999


I've been trying to implement a file system that will have a Supervisor and 
User access.  I had no problem setting up the User access which is 
Read-Only.  I need to setup restricted access to a few people.  

I remember seeing a line using  root preexec and root postexec to add users 
on the fly.  Is this a good idea?  Or is it better to synch up the samba 
database with NT?

I currently use security = server, pointing to the NT PDC for 

Would it be best to setup the password dump util to synch userlists?

Any tips would be very helpful.  Also, any tips on setting up network 
printers via Samba.  I have noticing some odd results - where a printer 
would only print most of the time.  I would see the print jobs laying 
around in the /tmp directory.


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