Can't smbmount with samba-2.0

Bill Eldridge bill at
Mon Apr 26 21:15:17 GMT 1999

> Now the system has been upgraded to RedHat-5 and Linux-2.2, the latter of
> which requires samba-2.  The command line above no longer works (or is even
> accepted due to changes in aguments).  However, even if I invoke the new
> smbmount as:
> smbmount //host/share /mnt/point -n HOST -U user

/usr/bin/smbmount -c //cna/rxcna 'mount /home/httpd/html/cna/rxcna'

is how I invoke this.  Try some quotes like:

	smbmount -c //host/share 'mount /mnt/point -n HOST -U user'
	smbmount -c //host/share -n HOST -U user 'mount /mnt/point'
Bill Eldridge
Radio Free Asia
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