WINS resolving problem

Stephen L Arnold sarnold at
Mon Apr 26 04:15:47 GMT 1999

On 26 Apr 99, Stephan Austermuehle <au at> had questions about 
WINS resolving problem:  

> How can I tell the Samba server on the router to resolve names in subnet B
> from a node in subnet A? I read BROWSING.txt but that doesn't help me. I
> played with the wins proxy option and the name resolve order but that
> doesn't work.
> The smb.conf on the router looks as follows:
>  interfaces =
>  name resolve order = wins bcast
>  workgroup = WGRPA
>  bind interfaces only = False
>  domain master = Yes
>  preferred master = Yes
>  os level = 65
>  wins support = yes

Just a guess (since I've never actually tried it :) but wouldn't 
you need the "remote announce" parameter, specifying subnet A?

Just a thought...


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