HP Deskjet 1000c

Thomas Cameron tcameron at three-sixteen.com
Sat Apr 24 01:47:33 GMT 1999

Howdy all -

I have Samba 2.0.3 running like a champ on a dual PPro 200, 128 MB RAM,
running Slackware 3.6, kernel 2.2.5.  Running like a champ as far as file
sharing is concerned, that is.

I have an HP Deskjet 1000c hanging off the parallel port.  I set up a raw
printer in /etc/printcap, the line looks like this:

dj1000|DeskJet 1000c:sh:lp=/dev/lp0:sd=/var/spool/lpd/dj1000

the printing section in smb.conf looks like this:

        comment = All Printers
        path = /usr/spool/samba
        print ok = Yes

The print jobs make it, and start coming out the printer, but where ink
stops getting laid on paper, the form stops.  I guess I need a form feed.  I
tried making my printcap look like this:

dj1000|DeskJet 1000c:sh:lp=/dev/lp0:sd=/var/spool/lpd/dj1000:mx#0:ff=\f

which should force a form feed, and set the max print size to anything.
This didn't work.

How do I force a form feed after the last page?  Is it a Samba thing, or a
Linux thing?

Thomas Cameron, CNE, MCP, MCT
Three-Sixteen Technical Services, Inc.


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