Changing password remotely.

Eduardo F. Chao eduardo at
Fri Apr 23 19:58:11 GMT 1999

Hi, this is my first question in this lists so I apologize if it is
obvious but I've read the related documentation and I still have doubts.

In Encryption.txt it is suggested to allow the users change their
passwords with smbpasswd putting null passwords=yes in  the smb.conf
file. Is it true that the superuser in the SAMBA host will need to
sincronize the /etc/passwd file with the /etc/smbpasswd file changing
the UNIX user account's password according to the new smbpassword? I
think it's true. So, I don't see the usefulness in letting these remote
password changes unless the users can remotely change their UNIX
password too (eg with telnet).

Is there any other means for changing the passwords remotely?

I have SAMBA 2.0.2-19990209 on Linux 2.0.36 on a Pentium II with 128 MB


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