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At 01:09 AM 4/23/99 +1000, Mike Katz wrote:
>Hello!.. I have been trying to get samba working for some time now! .. I
>have a linux box (runing samba) and a NT domain (Nt and winx clients)... I
>can see the samba box in the network neighborhood, I can see the dir's in
>the samba box... but I cannot acces the foldes... when I try it asks for a
>user name and pass... however it does not mater what combination of windows
>or linux pass's I use i cannot get in! ... The general consensious is that
>this is a encripted pass problem... however I have the same isues with my
>win95 boxes....
>I have tryed all combinations of security levels, encription, and password


1. Check the permissions and ownership on your shares.

2. Run the script that will take your Linux passwd and convert it to the
SMB passwords. You can find the name of the script in the encryption.txt
file in the Samba docs.


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