Urgent! Win95 browser problem

Hongwei Li hongwei at morpheus.wustl.edu
Thu Apr 22 16:27:58 GMT 1999


We have a very strange problem with samba.  We have a Linux box
(Slackware 3.3, kernel 2.0.3) and samba-1.9.17p4.  Samba has been
running well for a while (more than half year) without any problem.  Our
NT and 95 users can mount the home, shared directories and printer on
the linux machine without any error message.  We have a NT server 4.0 as
PDC and smb.conf sets security = server and the NT server as password

Since this morning a very strange thing happens.  None of Windows 95
users can see the Linux shared directories/home/printer any more, but
all NT users can still see them without any problem.  The error message
for Windows95 users is:  "The share name was not found. Be sure you
typed it correctly."

There is nothing wrong with the share name because nobody changed it and
NT users can still see them.  I reboot the Linux and Windows 95
machines, but no luck. Can somebody give me any idea/suggestion to fix
the problem?  Thank you!

Hongwei Li

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