Please help! Urgent, STRANGE Win95 browsing problem!

Hongwei Li hongwei at
Thu Apr 22 20:54:59 GMT 1999


I sent an e-mail earlier about our strange Windows 95 browsing problem.
Then, I upgraded to samba-2.0.2 from 1.9.17p4, but the problem is still
there.  I do need urgent help because almost all of our network
connection does not work and our users do it for their research.  Please
help! Please, please!  Let me repeat this strange problem:

We have four UNIX machines, a Linux (Slackware 3.3, kernel 2.0.3), 2 IBM
AIX, one Sun OS.  All of them installed samba.  Before yesterday, the
Linux has samba-1.9.17p4, AIXs and SunOS have 1.9.16.  We have a NT
server 4.0 as PDC (primary domain controller).  The samba was working
well for more than half year until this morning.  A user reported this
morning that he can not mount a drive on our Linux system. I checked my
NT workstation and found that I can mount it without any problem.  So, I
asked him to reboot machine.  I did, but still can not mount.  I checked
the Linux machine, but did not found any obvious problem with samba.
Then, I went to several other machine, 95 and NT, and found that none of
Windows 95 systems can mount to this Linux machine, but all NT
workstation/server can mount.  Also, All of windows 95 users can mount
to other three unix machines (AIX, SunOS).  I though that maybe it is
because the version is too old.  So, I upgraded samba on all of unix
systems to 2.0.2,  restart samba, reboot PCs.  The problem is still the
same.  Also, I found that this Linux machine disappeared from all NT's
"Network Neighborhood" although I can mount to it on NT if I type the
path name correctly.  Other three unix machines are still seen in
"Network Neighborhood".  On windows 95's "Network Neighborhood", I can
see this machine's name.  but, if I double click it, the window shows a
strange icon "morpheus c" (morpheus is our Linux machine's name).  What
is c?  Our share's directories are homes, common, and lab1disk.  If I
double click this icon, it asks me password, but never accepts any
input.  If I go to Windows 95 Explorer and try to mount a drive by
typing the full path, as \\morpheus\common, or \\morpheus\homes, I
always got "The share name was not found. Be sure you typed it
correctly."  The share name can't be wrong because NT users can see it.
I also set EnablePlainTextPassword on some 95 machines, but it does not
help at all.  Since this Linux box is one of the main network servers,
our research unit is affected badly.  Can somebody give me a help?!  Why
suddenly windows 95 users can not see this linux share, but can see
other unix systems share, and NT users can see all of them?  It is so
strange that I have no clue at all.

Please HELP! HELP!

Hongwei Li

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