Mapping of Network Drive through win9x daip-up networking

Neil Chan nchan at
Mon Apr 19 01:52:29 GMT 1999

Hi all,

I have been troubled by this problem for a long time and really hope
that someone may help by giving suggestions.

I have setup Samba 2.0.3 on a Sun Solaris as a file server and I map
drive to Samba by using DOS prompt command "net use".  It work very well
in the intranet of my office. However, when I dial up from a mobile PC
with win98, I try again with the command "net use m:
\\\test" and after quite some time, it timed out with error
message "Error 55: The specified resource is not available. The computer
that shared the resource might have been turned off  .....". However,
when trying to map to a NT server through dial-up networking,  I always
succeed with the command net use.

I have done many tests for this problems. I have try many windows
platform, win95 (original ver.), win95(OSR2) and win98. All with most
updated dialup networking (ver. 1.3)  from microsoft installed. In fact,
I have test at least ten PC with these platforms and  found that only
win95 (original ver.) can successfully map a network drive to Samba
through dial-up networking, strange?

I have also change the parameters in "smb.conf" and try to map drive
through GUI by configuring "lmhosts", wins server, PDC. But it remain
the same. From my past experience, I found that network drive can be
mapped by using "net use" as long as there is network connection from
SMB server and client even the SMB server is not seen in Network
Neighborhood. Am I right?

Could someone tell me whether it is possible to map network drive to
Samba through windows dial up networking ?

Thank you for your attentions.

Neil Chan

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