Directory contents of Samba share empty on Windows 95

Brendan Miller brmiller at
Fri Apr 16 06:18:21 GMT 1999

I don't have a lot of experience using Win95 clients to access Linux
SAMBA shares, but I have used NT clients and rarely had problems.

My problem now is that (with the Windows 95 client), I am able to 
connect and see the initial directory listing of all the shares, AND
I am able to see the first-level directories in one of the shares, 
but I can't access beyond that.  Furthermore, if I double-click 
on any of the directories in a particular share, a dialog pops up
that says:

   The folder "\\server\share\directory" does not exist.

Anyone have ideas?

I have installed all the recommended updates for Windows 95 and have
set up encryption as per the ENCRYPTION.txt file.

Brendan Miller
brmiller.nospam at
(remove .nospam)

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