how to add /etc/passwd entries to smbpasswd

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Fri Apr 16 03:00:09 GMT 1999

On 16 Apr 99, "Ameet Chaubal" <achaubal at> had 
questions about how to add /etc/passwd entries to smbpasswd:

> How do I add all the users from /etc/passwd to the smbpasswd file.
> I am looking at smbpasswd man page but couldn't figure out the passwd
> entries.

I think the easiest thing would be to run without encrypted 
passwords, but with "update encrypted = yes".  This will update 
smbpasswd as each user logs in.  When everyone's password is 
updated, you set the above switch to "no" and set encrypted 
passwords to "yes".  Otherwise each password will need to be added 
manually.  The makesmbpasswd script just creates a blank smbpasswd 
file with all the user info, but no passwords.

There may be some user-contributed scripts to help automate the 
process (if you don't want to do the update encrypted thing) but 
someone else will have to speak up on that one.


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