Errors when NT4sp3 is the client; 95 works

Tony Drolson TDrolson at
Sat Apr 10 08:20:42 GMT 1999

I am trying to get Samba 2.0.3 up on MacOSXServer (which is BSD 4.4). I
can't get NT to recognize samba shares. Samba is running as security=server,
pointed to an NT PDC for security (using the netbios name; should this be by
ip address?); passwords are encrypted.

I can use smbclient to attach to my own samba shares. I can also attach to
other NT shares as a client and view network lists. 

I can resolve netbios names with nblookup (but only my static IP servers;
DHCP workstation clients don't return their ip). But I can't nblookup with
-d (broadcasting--no responses at all; this was working fine earlier under a
previous attempt at installing samba, so it probably isn't an ip/mask
error). And while my samba server appears in Windows' network list, any
attempt to "net view" or "net use" from Windows NT4sp3 gives me this error: 

System error 26 has occurred.
The remote procedure call failed.

Samba logs the event under samba/var/log.<client>:

(time code) lib/
INTERNAL ERROR: Signal 11 in pid 1428 (2.0.3)
Please read the file Bugs.txt in the distribution
(time code) lib/
(time code) lib/util.c:smb.panic(2383)
PANIC: Internal error
(time code) smb/ipc.c:api.fd.reply(3301)
api.fd.reply: INVALID PIPE HANDLE: 702d
(time code) smb/process.c:timeout.processing(795)
Reloading services after SIGHUP

Strangely enough, Windows95 can see and use the shares fine. It looks like
an encrypted passwords problem, no? But I can access NT shares as a
smbclient and authenticate fine there.

Any help you can provide or resources you can direct me to would be much
appreciated. Thanks,

Tony Drolson
MIS Director
UCSF Positive Health Program
San Francisco General Hospital

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