WINS multi-homed server resolution

Rob Naccarato rob.naccarato at
Wed Sep 30 14:13:23 GMT 1998

I have a server here with 4 network interfaces (DEC Unix).  All the Win95
clients are on the same 4 subnets as these 4 interfaces.  One thing I noticed the
other day is that the majority of the clients do not connect to the
server's interface on the same subnet as the client. This is making
unecessary use of our router.

I'm wondering how I can force the clients to connect to the local
interfaces on the server without making an LMHOSTS file on the client.

When Samba uses "dns proxy", and dns returns multiple ips for a hostname,
does Samba filter these ips at all?  If not, does it return them all to
the client and let the client sort it all out?

Any and all ideas are welcome.

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