WINS problem discovered and fixed!!

M.Sapsed m.sapsed at
Wed Sep 30 06:28:10 GMT 1998

Eric Warnke wrote:
> Ok, after several months of pulling my hair out I finally fixed WINS and
> browsing at out Univesity.  It ended up being an acutal bug, er bad code
> segment.  To explain we have a large number of clients ~1000+ at any one
> time over 6 subnets.  Browsing was spuratic at best.  nmbd sucked up %70
> of the proccessing power of a sparc 5.  Well after serious investigation
> I traced it down to two lines of code in nmbd_winsserver.c.
> [snip]
> I would like to hear others with large network and how things work after
> applying these patches.

I like the sound of this but have held off 1.9.18 because of confusion
about WINS. Perhaps someone can enlighten me?

We have 1000+ win95 boxes on lots of subnets. We have a backbone of Solaris
2.6 boxes acting as servers and routers. Each win95 box can only see
(directly) the server at the head of the subnet. I have previously had each
of these servers acting as WINS server for all the machines on the subnets
off it. The 1.9.18 docs state to only have one WINS server on a "network".
I don't want to have only one WINS server for 1000+ machines!

My question is: Do I go 1.9.18 with each server as a WINS server for their
clients or will this cause lots of fighting over the backbone the servers
are connected to?

One other question I have is that I've used 


in the lmhosts of each server so that when a client asks for \\myserver is
gets the nearest server. I wanted this because our students carry their
roving profiles and go use another server with all the same software on it.
I want them to get the software from the nearest server not the server they
used last. When I first tried the 1.9.18 line this appeared broken - is it
fixed now?

Thanks for any and all help,


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