About file locking

Tony N tonynich at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 29 04:33:05 GMT 1998

> Is there a way to lock an EXE file on a shared volumn in such a 
> way that only one person can use it at a time? With some kind of 
> sharing violation happening if a second person tries?
> This is the latest version of SAMBA on a Linux box, and Win95 
> clients.
> many thanks.
> Tony Nichols
> tnichols at bedford-ind.com.au
> Network Support Officer
> Bedford Industries
> South Australia.

OK , 
it just a guess - so dont flame me if Im wrong.....

have you tried 'locking = yes'?


Darren Smith
Unix Administrator
CUDiv - Olympic Dam
ext. 87242

Yes - that is a default setting.
Tony Nichols.

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