file names in Win Explorer

Christian Barth BARTH at
Mon Sep 28 21:01:47 GMT 1998

> I'm having a problem getting W95 and WNT to correctly read file names on
> a samba server I set up.  The server passed all of the diagnostics, and
> file names show up correctly in a dos window.  However, under windows
> explorer, anything after a . doesn't show up in the name.  This is only
> true for a . in the middle of the name, "hidden" files such as .fvwmrc
> show up.  WE does describe the file according to what it considers the
> extension, for example the listing for shows up as:
> netscape   a PS file.

Do you see the extentions of files in other drives in the explorer? 
Standart of the explorer is not to show "DOS-Extentions". But some 
where you can tell him to show them, ...



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