machine name lookups

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Mon Sep 28 12:58:43 GMT 1998

Sarma Seetamraju <sarma at> wrote:
> Darryl,
> the world is waiting for a standard way to integrate the DHCP & DNS
> servers.   I am waiting too.

>				 There is NO WAY the DNS server is gonna
> know what IP address DHCPS assigned to a specific mahine.
> The reason the integration
> is difficult because the DNS is of the galactic-scale heritage, while DHCP is
> a typical micro-departmental feature.

	With respect, that is highly misleading: the DNS is
	**specifically** designed to scale up from departmental
	to worldwide, so that one can find hosts anywhere in
	the world.  If it didn't, it wouldn't be worth having.

>         Making your network entirely microsoft is the only way out.

	Surely you jest!
	This **is** the samba list, after all...

	Try nmblookup, anyway: dns is the wrong place to look
	(The light is better inside the house, but the jewel was 
	lost out in the garden (;-))

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