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Ulf Noren Ulf.Noren at
Sat Sep 26 17:36:29 GMT 1998

> > We have the need to track printer usage (pages used).
> > Right now, my Samba printer share defines the print command
> > as "print command = lpr -r %s"
> > (The printer is a LaserJet 4000N, with the JetDirect card and
> > its built-in LPD server.)
> >
> > What is the best way to figure out how much paper a given
> > user printed?
> >
> You need to replace your lpr printing system with the LPRing stuff. This
> is a re-write
> of  lpr/lpd but with major enhancements. They talk about HP printers a
> LOT.
> They speciallize in this sort of stuff.  Sorry I don't have the link
> handy, but do have there
> own web page handy. It is distributed much the same as Samba ,
> and works a treat on Red Hat, where it is the  default printing system.
I have been running this setup for more than a year now and it works great
with HP laserjet 4M, 5M and 5SiMX printers. My HP deskjet 1600M wasn't
really up to it but I didn't need accounting on it so I haven't bothered
so much.
All printers are connected to the net with JetDirect-cards.

What you need to do is replace your current printing-system with
LPRng and CTI-if-filters from

As database I use Mysql from It holds information about
which printers each user can use, how many papers printed and how many
pages can be printed before he/she has to refill the account.

A couple of perl-scripts is run for each job to check permissions and
update accounts.

The number of pages printed is calculated from the hardware-counter
in the printer which is checked by the ifhp-filter before and after
each job is sent to the printer.

Running on Solaris 2.5.1 btw...

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