what would it take ... ("Unix cmd line on NT")

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On Fri, 25 Sep 1998, Ben Kosse wrote:

> You've almost got it (I think).
> Your solution sounds very reasonable, however I would take it one step
> farther and simply make /home mount \\master\users\.

  But that way linux wouldn't know how to handle permissions, right ? I.e.
\\master\users\ would have to be mounted on /home as NTdom1\Administrator,
which in turn means that anything written to e.g. /home/john/myfiles from
linux would end up having owner(or permissions) of NTdom1\Administrator on
the NT network !

 Is that right ? Or would it have owner/permissions of john ? 


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>   Hello,
>    I have here a Linux box with RedHat 5.1. I have complete control over
> it. I.e. I can do whatever I want to it in order to make it do what I need
> it to do.
>   I was wondering what would it take to be able to do the following :
>  The Linux box will become part of the NT domain NTdom1. It's is just a
> machine on the network, not a PDC or BDC. I would like to give all user
> accounts in the domain NTdom1 the ability to login / rsh / rcmd / rexec to
> the linux box and get a regular unix environment, but the home directory
> would be /mnt/NTdom1/users/$USER, the username would be $USER, the userid
> would be next in sequence of yet-unused IDs over 300 and the group
> settings wouldn't matter that much. They would be authenticated with their
> NTdom1 password.  If new user is created in the NTdom1 domain, no manual
> intervention is needed at the linux box. The account on the linux box is
> automatically created when the user logs in and successfully authenticates
> for the first time. At this time a userID (and maybe gourpID) gets
> assigned to the new user. Also every time the user accesses the linux box,
> linux makes sure that the user's home directory is mounted. If it is not,
> it uses the username / domain / password to mount it for the user.
>  Q: How does it know where the user has her home directory on the NTdom1
> network ?  A: All users have their accounts on \\master\users\$USER .
> Now my main questoin for this email :
>  How can this be done ? (using sambe and smbfs ? how ?)
>  I don't *know* an answer, but maybe a possiblity comes to mind : (please
> suggeste a better solutions) :
>  One could modify the ntdom/smb PAM authentication module.  When it detect
> s a user that hasn't  been seen on the system yet, and the user
> authenticates properly, it adds the user into /etc/passwd (and
> /etc/shadow) and /etc/group, and if /mnt/NTdom1/users/$USER does not
> exist, it will do "smbmount \\master\users\$USER /mnt/NTdom1/users/$USER"
> or something". 
>   Does anybody have a better idea ?
>       Thanx,
>         Jan

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