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Jan Vicherek honza at ied.com
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   I have here a Linux box with RedHat 5.1. I have complete control over
it. I.e. I can do whatever I want to it in order to make it do what I need
it to do.

  I was wondering what would it take to be able to do the following :

 The Linux box will become part of the NT domain NTdom1. It's is just a
machine on the network, not a PDC or BDC. I would like to give all user
accounts in the domain NTdom1 the ability to login / rsh / rcmd / rexec to
the linux box and get a regular unix environment, but the home directory
would be /mnt/NTdom1/users/$USER, the username would be $USER, the userid
would be next in sequence of yet-unused IDs over 300 and the group
settings wouldn't matter that much. They would be authenticated with their
NTdom1 password.  If new user is created in the NTdom1 domain, no manual
intervention is needed at the linux box. The account on the linux box is
automatically created when the user logs in and successfully authenticates
for the first time. At this time a userID (and maybe gourpID) gets
assigned to the new user. Also every time the user accesses the linux box,
linux makes sure that the user's home directory is mounted. If it is not,
it uses the username / domain / password to mount it for the user.
 Q: How does it know where the user has her home directory on the NTdom1
network ?  A: All users have their accounts on \\master\users\$USER .

Now my main questoin for this email :
 How can this be done ? (using sambe and smbfs ? how ?)

 I don't *know* an answer, but maybe a possiblity comes to mind : (please
suggeste a better solutions) :

 One could modify the ntdom/smb PAM authentication module.  When it detect
s a user that hasn't  been seen on the system yet, and the user
authenticates properly, it adds the user into /etc/passwd (and
/etc/shadow) and /etc/group, and if /mnt/NTdom1/users/$USER does not
exist, it will do "smbmount \\master\users\$USER /mnt/NTdom1/users/$USER"
or something". 

  Does anybody have a better idea ?



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