Again - backup WINS server?

Bill Eldridge bill at
Fri Sep 25 01:00:45 GMT 1998

>> Is there any way to set up a backup WINS
>> specification in dhcp/Win NT/Samba?
>> Having my WINS server go down the last
>> few days made this a little more desirable,
>> especially since when I noticed the service
>> was dead, I wasn't able to reboot it for a few
>> hours due to usage.
> If nmbd dies, you dont need to reboot the entire server. Just restart

Would be lovely if I was running WINS off Linux, but I'm not - I'm
using an NT machine, and if one goes down, I'd like to go to our
NT BDC.  If I could enter a list of WINS servers, when my flaky
PDC goes down, everyone happily uses the BDC without waiting
6 hours for me to recover it.

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