How to set up samba so that printer can print two pages of

Christian Barth BARTH at
Thu Sep 24 17:54:27 GMT 1998

> I am a newbie to samba. I have just installed it in my sgi. I have a
> question: does samba support double-pages-printing? If so, please tell 
> me how to set up it. It will save us a lot of paper.
> Thanks in advance.
Which way do you want to print:
  windows ---------> unix ------> printer

or 2)
  unix ----------> windows --------> printer

In the first case the "cleanest" way is to use a 
Windows-Printer-Driver supporting your wishes. 

In both cases there may be some filters to be used on unix
(/etc/printcap  .... ) to do this. Or you can wirte some skripts to 
automatically modify the file to be printed before printing it.
But all this is "more unix, less samba"

Hope this helps a bit


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