managing users from smbpasswd rather than /etc/passwd

Eric Warnke eric at
Thu Sep 24 05:17:15 GMT 1998


FYI: I have a few hunderd smb user by the end of every school year.  Since
90% of them are only there for one service (printing), I have created a
shell ( or was it perl ) script to add them to /etc/passwd with the same
UID/home/group...  it makes controling the account very easy, and gives smb
just wat it needs for that user.  This setup is great for bulk read-only
access and printing with a password.

For those users that need read/write or special priveleges, I have real
accounts ( unique UID/group/home ), so I can use unix permissions on the
files I'm sharing to them.

This is all under solaris using useradd scripted.

Eric Warnke
System Admin - ResNet
University at Albany, NY
eric at / ericw at

>Juan Carlos replied:
>> From my experience, Samba needs a login to exist in /etc/passwd in order
>> to be possible to have it in smbpasswd.
>That's the crux of what I was asking.  And the answer that I didn't want to
>hear :-(
>Pity it can't be a (configurable) "either-and-or" situation.

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