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> I've had this problem as long as I've been using samba: every time
> anyone prints from a PC they get a banner page labeling them 'nobody.'
> Now, I realize this has to do with the guest account being 
> 'nobody,' and
> the server is passing that name to the printer.  It can get very
> frustrating, though, when lots of folks use the same printer 
> and all of
> the jobs have the same name on them.
> So I guess my question would be, is there a way to print using the
> username instead of the guest account?
> I'm using v1.9.16p9 on a Solaris 2.4 machine printing to HP Laserjet
> 4m+.
Why not simply turn the banner page off?  If you are using network
printing on the HP, then the JetDirect card has the ability to print a
banner page also.  To turn it off there you will need to telnet into the
printer and type >banner: 0 to turn the banner page off.

The other option is to give _everyone_ an account on your unix box (even
if you give them a null shell so that they cant log in) so that their
names appear correctly on the banner page.


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