Letter case not preserved

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Sun Sep 20 23:38:27 GMT 1998

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> Subject: Letter case not preserved
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> All files transferred to my Samba server end up with lower case on the
> Unix box.  Case is not preserved from NT to Unix.  For example, if I
> copy C:\Temp\MyFile to a directory on the Samba server, it 
> ends up there
> as myfile.
> What am I missing?
> I browsed the FAQ's in the web pages, without success...
> Marc Provencher
> Foxboro Calgary, Systems Integration and IT
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> mprovenc at foxboro.ca

Try preserve case = yes.  The default case for Samba is lower case (I
think) but that is configurable too (default case = upper)

Hope this helps,


Darren Smith
Unix Administrator
CUDiv - Olympic Dam
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