mbclient can back up WNT system disks?

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Sun Sep 20 17:01:53 GMT 1998

You asked:
| Can the "tar" function in SMBCLIENT be used to successfully backup and 
| restore a remote WNT 4 sp3 system disk?  I'm guessing no, because: 
| This is for machines with SCSI adapters, so even if we have to replace
| system disk after a failure, we can plug in an external disk, boot
| and restore the internal disk while running on the external. 

	It's almost trivial on DOS filesystems: I used to do
	it about once a week when one of my developer colleagues
	misconfigured a machine.  

	For NT, you probably need an os which groks ACLS, so it's 
	tar does and just some changes in smbtar/smbclient to make it

	I was always restoring to a filesystem which had been ``formatted''
	(mkfs'd) by the native OS. All I had to do was restore while
	avoiding selected config files (with -X) and without overwriting
	system files (which were r/o).

	That means I either ``refreshed'' an existing boot disk that someone
	had deranged, or I had ``formatted'' and installed the disk using
	dos tools.

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