samba crashes NT-workstation??

Christian M. Bernard cmb at
Sun Sep 20 11:41:11 GMT 1998


quite strange assumtion, but I have the feeling, that samba makes my NT-CLient crash (blue screen). I haven't found anything in the archives about such troubles.
It dosn't matter whether sp3 is installed on the NT machine, nor does a specific samba version makes this behavior vanish, it's just that my samba server wasn't available for a 3 months period in which the NT didn't crash once, and now as the samba server is 'serving' again, the NT has its standstills again.
(and that's why it has to have something to do with the samba networking (or another networking problem).

Did anyone have similar symptoms on his/her systems with linux-samba and NT-WS machine? (nt4sp3, security=user, samba-1.9.18pl1-10)

Any clue welcome.


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