Replacing rm with a shell script.

Andy Sims andysims at
Sun Sep 20 00:37:12 GMT 1998

I have dug through howto's and readme's and man pages looking for an
answer to this and saw no references to what I am interested in.

What I would like to do is instead of having Samba actually deleting
files when people using WFW and Win95 clients to remove files from the
server, I would like for Samba to copy them to a dir, say /home/trash.

I have no clue as to how Samba deletes files, but I was thinking that
if it used the rm command you could add a feature, if it does not
already exists, to substitute rm with a different command or a shell

This would be called in much the same manner as LPQ COMMAND or PRINT 

Does such a thing already exist?  If it involves modifying the source
I am in trouble seeing as how I am C stupid.

Thanks to all involved with Samba for such a great package, it saved
our corporate bacon, when we outgrew our pitiful file server a few
months back.

andysims at

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