Can't see my machine using "Network Neighbohood"

Lucas Brasilino brasilino at
Wed Sep 16 15:21:15 GMT 1998

Hi All:

	I've always have the same problem, since I compile my first samba
server (1.9.17) I've never be able to found my machine using
Network Neighbohood at win95 desktop.
	If I choose find/computer and write down the machine's name, it is
	If I choose to use a service, like \\machine\public, I can map
a virtual HardDisk and use it nicely. I'm using printers too!
	Is my nmbd not set up?? Here do I do it?
	I've tried new versions, rpm packages and nothing changes.

	Thanks a lot in advance for any help!

		Lucas Brasilino

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