Problems installing Samba

Toine Bastiaans ag_bastiaans at
Mon Sep 14 08:39:58 GMT 1998

HI 2 ALL, 

I am a 22 year old student from Holland. I'm trying to implement a 
HP3000 to a LAN(Windows 4 Workgroups 3.11). I Have 3 questions for the 

- Can anyone tell me how I can name my HP3000 machine 'BIGSERVER'
  (when I try to PING BIGSERVER, ping does'nt recognize it)

- When I try to start SMBD, I receive the following message:

- Is it neccessary to compile the c source to binary on a HP3000. When   
i try to MAKE the binaries the compiler tells me I need the file   
CCOMXL (can anyone provide me this file ?)

Thank you very much,

Bye, Tony

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