SAMBA digest 1809

Sarma Seetamraju sarma at
Sun Sep 13 04:40:51 GMT 1998

> From: "Norm Long" <nlong at>
> HP-UX 10.20 machine without much success....
>can from Hosea do a smbclient -L hosea and see a list of available shares
>for Hosea.   But when I go to explorer and the domain I placed Hosea in I
>don't see Hosea as an server, nor do I see it when I do a net view from my
>nt workstation with no options.
>can't get the nmbd process to start......

/usr/local/samba/bin/nmbd -D -N <SUBNETMASK> -n <MachineName> -I <IPaddr>

Verify that the subnet mask is appropriate.   If the "hosea" server is on a
different remote
subnet -- separate from your workstations, then call microsoft.

> My other request is regarding the latest version of Samba for hp-ux 10.20,
> can anyone tell me where I can get latest version in swinstall format?

At work, we have version .15 and we are doing just fine with NT workstations
(with the registry workaround).
Call HP and they have a product that provides the exact same functionality and

comes in a swinstall format.


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