Needs help on SAMBA.

Rolfe Samonte samrolfe at
Sat Sep 12 20:31:05 GMT 1998


I'm a new linux user trying to upgrade my home office with the linux OS
and SAMBA.
I have a mix of linux workstations together with WIN95 machines.
A lot of the linux things are working fine. The ip masquerading, NFS,
X-Windows, the
Apache Server, etc.
I am now trying to install SAMBA so that the WIN95 boxes and LINUX boxes
can share files
and printers.
I've been doing some trial and error installation and I can only get it
to partially work.
I would appreciate any tips, advice,  and help.
Here are some of the problems:

1 - SMBCLIENT -L MySambaServer would  display only the server machine
and the WIN95
       machines  on the browse list.
       The Linux machines does not show on the list.
2 - When I do a NMBLOOKUP  on any of the Linux machines  -- I get a
"name_query failed"
       message.  But it seems to work when I NMBLOOKUP any of the WIN95
machines from
       a Linux box.
3 - SMBCLIENT seems to be working fine when done on any of the Linux

4 - I'm not getting a browse list on any of the WIN95 machines but I can
      from the linux machines to the WIN95 machines.
5 - On logon at any of the WIN95 machine, I get a message saying that
       No Domain Server available to validate password.

After reading some of the man pages, I think  I can't get my NMBD to
work properly.
Any help or advice will be much appreciated.



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